Managing Expectations and the Importance of Discipline

The root of all pain is expectation. Everyone expects life to be better, bright and pleasurable when we give off enough effort from ourselves. However, the truth is that life can be anything based on our choices, even once that we may have absent-mindedly made. We cannot expect ourselves to always make good decisions, and we do not make good decisions when we do not have discipline.

Forming discipline requires a great amount of focus. If one expects something to happen, discipline helps achieve it by having them avoid distractions. Fulfilling every requirement that is necessary without having to stop for anything helps one get the expectation they deserve.

However, despite all the trouble, things can still get awry because again, life can be anything. Your effort does not make the cake alone, but also the effort and actions of other people. If your teammate fails while you have done your job of ensuring they are all working efficiently, you still fail despite your discipline and despite your focus.

When you learn to manage your expectations, you realize the things you need to do when something happens. This is when you form your crisis-management skills, which tell more about yourself rather than the decisions you made with your life.

Let Events Take Over the Wheel For You

The religious would themselves perform the best they can and have their god or any deity take over the rest of what would happen. This is a very positive mind set albeit carefree and illogical, but there is a logical explanation even for the non-religious about why this positive mind set can become a rationally-accepted mental discipline.

Imagine that you’re doing a business project that you and a team had spent 3 months trying to put up. You’ve missed some deadlines but you have done efforts to ensure you get to the main deadline. As team leader, you order your team to do this and tell them when things seem wrong or their results are insufficient. In the end, you show them how to do everything, which makes you feel as if you were the one who did all the work for 3 months.

Of course, your stress levels have peaked and may have burst through those 3 months. Observing your teammates, they feel that you are distant and are very untrusting of other people. It is because you tried to control the situation in your own way that people look at you untrustingly because you did not trust them in the first place.

The logical explanation is that if you think your teammates are like the asteroids moving around in outer space, you cannot control them. They will pass by Jupiter or even the Earth at will, but you cannot control them because they’re bigger than you. There are so many things bigger than you that apply their own force that influence or even control certain events that could spiral beyond your control.

So, the most important thing is that you do the best you can and let causality take over. You apply your own force, but never apply them to other forces because it can introduce a “domino effect” on other forces, which can alter the balance of events, leading to you, and other people’s disappointment.

How to Write Original Content

Blogs are only interesting if the writer’s experiences are authentic and unique, just as information’s factuality and innovativeness makes it popular. Writing original content requires good research, level of interest, innovation and authority on the subject.

1. Grammar
When writing, avoid using other nouns for characters or players in your article. For example, if you refer to a doctor as a medical professional, never use ‘doctor’ to describe the character to avoid confusion. Always observe proper grammar and make use of active sentence construction, which can help make your article more interesting.

2. Research
When blogging, you won’t actually research as you do in academic papers. A blog can be a form of reaction to an existing social issue, a scientific discovery or a political event. What you read in the papers, editorials or other blogs could be sources that would support your blog’s main topic. Referring to them through linking will not only get you SEO gains, but would also allow your audiences to see your resources

3. Personal Perspective
Writing from a personal perspective is important, but it is more effective if your writer persona is an authority in the subject. You could establish authority through posting media that shows you in an interview with a famous personality or specialist, gaining fame by having a substantial number of followers and authority writers who vouch for your opinion, or you are an established professional in the field.

4. Avoid Too Much References
Remember, you’re writing original content. Let the information sources you are using sink into you and avoid too many references. Instead, write a reaction about your opinion regarding your references and the reason yours is a more valid perspective.

Accepting Yourself Is Always the First Step

You have tried many things to better yourself. At work, you have set proper time schedules for deadlines that you should meet. When eating your lunch, you restrict yourself to a few sandwiches to promote lesser weight gain on your body. You motivate yourself to reach higher pinnacles and goals in your life. But in the end, you fail some or many of these goals and you grow cynical about yourself.

When you grow frustrated about yourself, you consider yourself a failure because you did not meet an expectation that you set out for your own good. However, understand that you are human; that you have limits in both your physical and mental capabilities.

To do great things, one must first accept one’s self completely. Understanding yourself is crucial. You will want to strengthen your best points and minimize and improve the things you find difficult about yourself. You must start with small steps in improving yourself. Frustration is easy if you drive yourself to do drastic changes in a small span of time.

Everyone wants to improve him or herself quickly, but the speed of improvement runs at a consistent and moderate pace. Conditioning yourself to accept your faults, improve them and strengthen your positive points, means taking the time to accept yourself completely.

After such, you will find a positive tomorrow where your body is open for accepting change.

The Correlation of Spirituality and Detachment

Spirituality is finding one’s self at a higher pinnacle of thought by focusing one’s goals as one’s purpose in life. With high spirituality, one could concentrate and focus all his or her energy for things that matter most to him or her.

Detachment is not being attached to any outcome that may come out of your actions. Detachment is acknowledging that you have done an act and you are responsible for your actions, but the outcome is irrelevant to what you feel.

Both coincide at one point in one’s life and when it does, the person concerned feels in high spirits while knowing the fact that he or she does not have to be concerned about the outcome of certain things involving him or her.

For example, a person who is not engrossed in football but is affiliated with the school the team plays for could accept the fact that the team could win or lose and winning is a good thing for him but losing is not a bad thing for him. He is at the same time detached and in high spirits.

When you are high in spirits, you understand that you have something to achieve and being detached is when this goal cannot be met by you, you are not disappointed by yourself but still you keep trying. Being detached to the goal is accepting two outcomes of what could happen, but in high spirits, you continue trying and giving your best because your spirit’s high helps you develop into a better person.

The Value of Struggle in Your Daily Life

People daily come to work, struggle in traffic, deal with some insensitive superiors and workmates and do not completely understand why they need to face so much hassle in their daily lives. Struggles only keep one’s mind jittery, tired and demotivated to do anything that improves work quality and themselves.

However, struggles do have a purpose in one’s life. It is the journey towards one’s improvement.

Imagine struggle as a fire burning a stone. The longer the stone is burned, the more it evolves into something more valuable than a stone. It could turn into a gem, obsidian or it can even become a diamond.

Struggles are like fires that help you adapt to the reality that one faces. While you might react to reality differently, such as trying to set things right or revolutionize things, the manner you deal with the situation inclined with identifying your own purpose in life helps you know the value of struggle in your daily life.

Knowing your purpose in life will motivate you to overcome all your struggles. Once you have done so, you will define yourself with full pride about who you truly are. The petty struggles you face on a daily basis could be defeated with a single purpose in your mind.

Getting More Out of Your PPI Complaint

The Financial Conduct Authority ensured that banks will refund consumers for mis sold PPI. Because of a faulty incentives system that values work volume over consumer interests, banks are now paying £11 billion and even more because of their profit-making activities. To make your complaint results satisfactory, take note of the following.

1. Billing Statements
Your insurance policy is usually included with your regular loan or mortgage repayment. Any indicator in your receipt that talks about an insurance or a type of insurance is most likely a PPI. Add these amounts from the start of your loan or mortgage and your most recent receipt to find your rough draft.

2. Compound Interests
These cases are highly likely successful if you have a PPI calculator company working with you. In case your loan interest rates became higher as agreed in your contract, your insurance policy repayments also increase because of the added premium. Sometimes, the insurance might also be the cause of the interest rate increase in your loan or mortgage. The interest rates you repaid for your loan or insurance could be reclaimed.

3. The Financial Ombudsman
If you are unsatisfied with the decision made by your bank regarding your mis sold insurance, you could refer it to the Financial Ombudsman, who could then see if the case is truly upheld on your end or not at all. However, the decision from the Financial Ombudsman is final.

In case you are still prospecting on chasing your PPI refunds, you could use a free PPI calculator to aid you in knowing how much you are owed.

Buttered Coffee Becoming Famous in Diets and Improving Energy Production

Many coffee drinkers today are blending their coffee with at least 2/3 of a butter stick. They claim the concoction would promote better energy levels and help curb appetite, contributing to weight loss. According to experts, the modified brew contains healthy fats that helps the body generate energy of up to six hours.


However, other experts criticise the fact that buttered coffee contains 100 to 200 calories per cup, which will probably promote weight gain. Drinkers probably felt a placebo effect in the concoction.

The creator of the buttered coffee concoction, David Asprey, claims he had discovered the drink while traveling in Mount Kaialsh in Tibet where the guest houses served yak butter tea, which had energy boosting effects. Its primary feature according to Asprey is that it is digested faster without the casein proteins that is damaging to the body.

Heart.Org says that butter is high in saturated fat and buttered coffee will likely increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. However, others disagree and saturated fat is actually good for people who need energy for physically stressful days.

If you should try buttered coffee in your diet, it is highly recommended you get the professional opinion of a medical professional first.

Coffee and Nuts: A Good Combination

If you drink coffee moderately without too much sugar and other creamers, you get great benefits because it helps you regulate blood pressure. Why not add something healthier? Drinking coffee and eating nuts is a good way to energize yourself, regardless of the time of day. Here are a few nuts that you should pair up with your favourite coffee.

1. Pistachio
If you’re not on a diet, pistachios could help you gain energy from its natural fat. It is also a rich source of Iron and zinc. If you’re bodybuilding, pistachio nuts help you by providing at least 4.5g of protein per 20 pieces.

2. Almonds
At least 22 pieces of almonds could grant you 6g of protein in your diet. With the added ability of almonds to lower the risk of heart attack, drinking coffee energizes you while keeping your heart’s health at a great state. It also provides you great doses of vitamin E for your skin.

3. Walnuts
Walnuts are considered superfoods because they have it all. Omega-3 fatty acids help your heart have better health. Antioxidants protect your healthy cells from free radicals and it can improve your sleep. Walnuts also have a high protein content.

4. Peanut Butter
If you make your own peanut butter, the better. Peanuts are a great source of protein and should your favourite breakfast be peanut butter sandwiches with coffee, you have a good dose of fibre, the right amount of endorphins and energy to start your day.

The Healthy Benefits of Drinking Adequate Coffee Amounts

Coffee is a morning delight and a good startup jolt for many people, but too much coffee, namely drinking at least seven cups a day, is never good. If you could drink less than 28 cups of coffee weekly, you could gain the following benefits.

1. Depression
Women who consistently drink coffee in proper amounts reduce their risk of depression. Women who drink two cups of coffee daily help reduce their risk of depression as caffeine can stimulate the brain and the release of endorphins. Caffeine also protects neurons that could be lost to neurodegenerative diseases.

2. Stroke
Coffee reduces the risk of stroke. Anything with caffeine, including green tea, helps in improving blood flow. In green tea, catechins help regulate blood pressure and introduce an anti-inflammatory effect in the circulatory system. One cup a day helped introduce a 20% decreased stroke risk.

3. Prostate Cancer
Prostate swelling is usual among males in their 50s but by drinking coffee, you reduce the risk of this swelling and the risk of prostate cancer. At least two cups a day can help significantly reduce the risk of cancer.

Regardless of the health benefits, health advisers still point out that only freshly-brewed coffee and tea with virtually low or no sugar provide the best health benefits. Sugar and artificial flavouring could cause diabetes when coffee containing them is consumed in great amounts.